Eclectics Is Our New Reality


Alexey Klokov believes that changes in the world deploy a new form of our eclectic being, which he expresses throughout his numerous works. In his perception of eclectics, the artist does not adhere to a simple approach based on chaos, fragmentation and incompatibility. On the contrary, he analyzes the objects and phenomena philosophically, comprehending their unity and opposition, connecting their values ​​and discovering new qualities.

Created for Easter, this painting materializes Alexey’s thoughts about the eclectics. Considering the peculiarity of nowadays, affected and limited by covid, a few days ago, the artwork was presented to a close circle of collectors. The painting combines two genres — abstraction and object art, embodying, on the one hand, the illusion of reality (on the background). On the other hand, the image of the Trinity shows the spiritual power of salvation.


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