Discover the Skyrocketing Prices of Alexey Klokov’s Artworks




Are you curious about what people are investing in during uncertain times? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised! Currently, there is a remarkable demand for art, and the renowned artist Alexey Klokov is reaching the record for his captivating, multi-colored enamel paintings. One of his masterpieces, titled “Walking on Water” (Suggestive Abstract series) was recently sold for an impressive price of $170,000 to a private collector in Canada. This artwork captures the biblical narrative of Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee and incorporates elements of gold leaf — the artist’s signature style. With a portfolio boasting over seven thousand paintings, Alexey Klokov’s paintings are in the collections of politicians, businessmen, and show biz celebrities. The great news is that the artist continues to authenticate his paintings that were sold before the year 2000 and which certificates, for some reason, have been misplaced by the owners. Please contact our dealers, if you need assistance to obtain the new certificate.


adminDiscover the Skyrocketing Prices of Alexey Klokov’s Artworks