Art is in — Politics is out


The Russian Embassy in Ottawa (Canada) opened its doors on Russian Independence Day and hosted a personal exhibition of 20 Alexey Klokov’s paintings. This exhibition was attended by over two hundred guests — diplomats from foreign countries, as well as representatives of political and business circles from North and South America. The exhibition included a collaboration with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation. “What inspires is not only the multifaceted talent of the artist who is capable of embodying the “firework” of passion and positive emotions on canvas but also his desire to take art out of the political context, creating love and goodness!” — said Jim Orban, the President of the Foundation. In her welcoming speech, the artist’s agent and wife thanked His Excellency Alexander Darchiev and all the guests of the exhibition for their support, and subsequently gave Certificates of Authenticity to three American diplomats who each purchased art.

adminArt is in — Politics is out