The Power of Image in Challenging Times


Quoting Alexey Klokov, an esteemed artist, creator, icon painter and visionary, “Images can be used as a transformative tool rather than just a reflection of subjective reality”. This unique perspective is rooted in the notion that images when around us, can deeply impact our subconscious minds. Psychologists call them the “alphabet of energy” or the “formula of active energy.” In today’s challenging times, the need for positively charged energy is more crucial than ever. With this understanding, Alexey Klokov returned to creating multi-layered paintings by custom orders. The technique employed in creating such masterpieces involves gradually layering one image upon another, resulting in a multi-dimensional visual experience. Depending on the request, some of these commissioned paintings might have up to seven layers. The main purpose is to assist in achieving particular goals, addressing challenges and maintaining mental balance. Important Notice: For those planning summer travels abroad with their painting (paintings), please note that getting permission documents may take five business days.


adminThe Power of Image in Challenging Times