Summer Season Outcome


Alexey Klokov presented a long-awaited surprise to his fans and collectors. He created 500 graphic works in different styles and techniques.

The artist has not created such a large-scale collection of graphics for several years, mainly working with oils, enamels and acrylics. Hence, such jubilation and delight! The collection was expected in Russia and abroad — in London, Los Angeles, and Toronto. Part of the graphics will remain in Russia. It can be viewed in Alexey Klokov’s private gallery on Pokrovsky Boulevard, in the business space of the Assessment Systems Russia company and in the art residence of Black River (Chernaya Rechka) the largest art supplier who collaborated with the artist for about two decades.

According to the storyline, all graphic works can be divided into six series: the Grand Pirouettes, Trickster, Suggestive Abstract, Nocturn, Geometricized and Faces.


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