Business Space for the Art (Part 1)


It happens very often that paintings by Alexey Klokov can be found in various elite interiors and offices worldwide. However, a permanent exposition of paintings in a business space is a new phenomenon, mainly if these paintings serve other purposes.

The management of Assessment Systems Russia started to develop a new approach to coaching business people and executives with the inclusion of art. To reveal the leadership potential of their clients, the company has created a unique art gallery where Alexey Klokov’s paintings play not only aesthetic and investment roles but work as triggers of inner psychological processes.

On a subconscious level, the art atmosphere turns on the intuition, attention, observation, perception and emotionality of clients. Thus, the so-called “engram of the creator” is actualized when a person becomes the author of their life, fulfilling it with new beauty and meaning.


adminBusiness Space for the Art (Part 1)