Alexey Klokov is a very expressive intensive and fruitful master of color. Sometimes the “sound” of his brush is laconic in choice of the dominant color of the palette in his creativity especially in his earlier works. However, in his other artistic experimentations one can observe an amalgam explosion of colors. Their whirlwind-like impasto color spreading speaks about the great improvisation of the nature of his creativity. The latter feature of Alexey Klokov’s works remotely connects his manner with the style of Anatoly Zverev, one of the greatest Russian avant-garde neoexpressionists of the XX century, who was the Alexey’s first teacher to open up before him an infinite universe of art. Although this style is not exhausted by Zverev’s influence. Both in his creative and theoretical aspects, in his color painting Alexey Klokov went farther. As to the image-bearing component of the system, created by the artist, it appears to be different in its wholeness, where the images are presented in intensive color framing. In his paintings colorful content is permanently dominant and this is, undoubtedly, the strongest feature of his creative manner. His inherent light-color artistism attracts the eyes of connoisseurs who are striving to understand not an ordinary artist. Another Klokov’s peculiarity, as a painter, is his excellent artistic taste. Delicate and charming impasto three-D smears of “mosaic” configuration are successfully applied in his works, including landscapes on urbanistic themes. Out-of-decorative works are also very successful. These are thoughtful paintings where the main hero is the horizon and its length, where the contemplation of the continuum of lasting and air-open space… is expressed with minimum means which is extremely hard to depict.

Stanislav Aydinyan, Vice-chairman of Creative Union of Professional Artists, Vice-chairman of South-Russian Writers’ Union, member of International Association for the Culture, member of Russian Writers’ Union, member of Congress of Writers of Ukraine, art critic of Federation of Aqua painting, member of Learned Society of Literary Art Museum Tsvetayevs.